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Why see a periodontist for dental implants?

A dental implant needs to be both functional and esthetic. From a functional standpoint, the survival rates of implants have generally been reported to be greater than 95%. However, achieving good esthetic outcomes around dental implants is less predictable.

The esthetics of a dental implant is dependent upon two factors – A) implant crown, B) gums around implant crown. An implant crown will be esthetic as long as good quality work is done by the restorative dentist and the dental lab. If patient is not satisfied with the color and contour of the implant crown, the crown can be replaced. However, no matter how esthetic the implant crown is, if the gums around the implant crown do not look natural and healthy, the entire dental implant will be not considered esthetic.

Periodontists have extensive trainings in manipulating the gums around dental implants. Therefore, if you see a periodontist for dental implant therapy, you will have a higher chance of having a both esthetic and functional dental implant in your mouth.